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"Omni-Desideratum: Animal, mineral, or vegetable?

We are animal in that this project is a totally human experience. On one level we are just a bunch of high school kids having fun in their spare time, but more meaningfully it is a constant play of tension, emotion, aggression, and creativity. It affects all of us in a very personal way, and we'd like to think we've grown and changed a little because of it's presence.

We are mineral in that our music is a potpourri of gems and found objects that we have picked up off of the road along the way and strung together . Our songs may not be the most unique on their own merit, but when taken as a whole body of work our music runs almost the entire gamut of the rock genre giving way to a very original experience.

We are vegetable in that our music, as all art, must be digested by an audience. Our primary audience is of course, ourselves. We do what we do because we like it, but there is a conscious element that keeps our work far from being pure expression. We try to find a balance between the esoteric and the banal, but where that line is drawn will always be up to us."

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